Bikes for Business comes to the Low Line

Bicycles and cargo bikes can offer a fast, clean alternative to motorised deliveries in London.

Working with businesses along and around the Low Line, Bikes for Business is making zero-emission cargo bike deliveries the mainstream solution for business freight.

Our transport consultants MP Smarter Travel will help identify which bicycle services are best suited to meet business needs, recommend an operator, offer up to £700 in subsidies, and support the business through these changes.

Embracing the use of bikes will enable London’s streets become quieter, greener, safer, less polluted, more welcoming and more inclusive.

Why businesses are embracing pedal power:

  • Cleaner: Zero emission deliveries
  • More Efficient: Reliable journey times
  • Versatile: A full range of sizes and services
  • Enhanced Reputation: ISO:14001 accreditation
  • Loading and parking: Less infrastructure required. 

Watch the Bikes for Business Low Line convey here.

Taking part

If you are looking for a more environmentally conscious supplier, a more efficient courier, or to operate your own cargo bikes, then please get in touch via email

Click here to see the Bikes for Business hub and find more information.

What is Bikes for Business?

Bikes for Business is an 18-month project to promote the use of bikes and cargo bikes for business use, replacing more conventional, polluting freight options. Participating businesses must be affiliated to one of the partner organisations below and be based within their geographic boundaries.

  • Team London Bridge
  • Better Bankside
  • Walworth Road LEN
  • Blue Bermondsey
  • Shad Thames Area Management Partnership
  • Druid Street Traders
  • Southwark Council
  • BermondseyStreet.London

The partners and MP Smarter Travel have been awarded a grant from Impact on Urban Health to deliver this project.