Arches at London Bridge

Kilimanjaro Group Win Bid to Launch New London Exhibition Space – Arches at London Bridge.

Bankside Bike Hub

Better Bankside has always advocated the benefits of cycling, for wellbeing and for the environment. We have a host of free cycling initiatives for experienced and new cyclists to make it easier for you to start travelling by bike and equip you with the skills you need to keep your wheels safe and roadworthy.

Bikes for Business 

Bikes for Business project brings sustainable change to the Low Line.

Druid St improvements 

Consultation has recently completed on the experimental segregated cycle route east of Tanner St on Druid Street.

Green Logistics Centre

This project will focus on reducing vehicle emissions from freight in the area whilst benefitting businesses.

Holyrood Street public realm 

Holyrood Street is looking to become a Low Line highlight for residents, businesses and visitors.

London Bridge Cycle Hub Now Open

Network Rail, Spokesafe and Team London Bridge have partnered to open the new London Bridge Cycle Hub.

Findlater’s Corner arches 

Findlater’s Corner arches under the London Bridge viaduct gets fully restored.