Green Logistics Centre

Much of London’s air pollution comes from transport, a third of which in the congestion zone is delivery and servicing related. Business freight also contributes to congestion and unpleasant conditions for cycling and walking. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected how business is conducted in London. Due to the reduction of road traffic, NO2 levels reduced by an average of 34% in Bankside during this time. There have been challenges too including the growth and disposal of single use plastic waste, the growth of retail internet sales adding to pressures around freight, and commercial emissions remaining high.

The Green Logistics Centre (GLC) will receive and consolidate deliveries for local businesses with the last-mile delivery being carried out by cargo bike. Businesses will be able to direct deliveries to the GLC, where they are stored in a clean, safe mini-warehouse and delivered by cargo bike when required.

Experience shows that a compelling business case must run through climate initiatives for members to engage with it. Finding opportunities for businesses to make short and long-term cost savings will be key in a post-pandemic landscape. For example, environmentally principled companies attract and retain employees, with interventions set out in the Climate Action Plan providing a competitive advantage for members.

This project will focus on reducing vehicle emissions from freight in the area whilst benefitting businesses. The implementation of a Green Logistics Centre will help businesses to consolidate deliveries whilst reducing vehicle traffic, improving air quality and cost savings for participant businesses.